Caravan Gas Safety

The Gas Safe Register has replaced CORGI as the official gas safety body in Great Britain and the Isle of Man from 1 April 2009. Why is this happening? visit HSE website.

CORGI will continue to offer advertising services to installers, but you should now look for a GasSafe Registered Installer – CORGI membership is no longer a guarantee of competency

If gas appliances are not installed properly or serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer, it can lead to gas leaks that cause fire, explosion or to carbon monoxide poisoning. The effects of this latter are long term health problems and death.

Causes are usually among the following circumstances:

  • Inadequate ventilation (permanent air inlets)
  • Unsatisfactory flueing
  • Poor appliance performance / incomplete combustion
  • User interference – tampering with an appliance, blocking vents
  • Lack of maintenance

By law, anyone carrying out work on gas installations and appliances in your home or caravan must be on the Gas Safe Register.
Make sure your caravan has an up-to-date gas safety certificate. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer and ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card.
In addition, an operative who works on butane or propane gas in caravans must hold the requisite ACS competency for LPG (liquid petroleum gas). This will be detailed on the reverse of their card.